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Our planet is dying because of extreme pollution in the air, earth and sea. It requires urgent reassessment of our traditional methods of transportation. Present aircraft will quickly become as extinct as the dodo, and many existing airports are transportation hubs which could be destroyed by coastal disturbances. They will be replaced by space-ports without runways and craft using cosmic energy rather than fossil fuels; operating silently, in stark contrast to the noise from jet aircraft; and cutting flying time to a fraction of current schedules. This new generation of aircraft/space-craft will be designed by the most experienced ET engineers, who have offered their services and will also lecture on all aspects of development. Welcome to the exciting industrial revolution of the 21st Century.

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, utilize and distribute earthbound shuttles (space-craft) which will eliminate the use of fossil fuels and their resultant pollution in the airborne transportation of passengers and cargo; replace existing airports with space-saving space-ports; enhance the experience of traveling by air; and in the process, revitalize the aeronautics and air travel industries - at the same time making a major contribution to improving the overall environment on planet Earth by eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

  • Business Consultant:
    Dr Milson Macleod has a wide business background including over two decades experience in materials management in a major municipal government. He introduced guidelines and procedures in the purchasing field, especially electronic purchasing, where he was a pioneer in the integration of electronic financial systems, and was highly regarded as both a researcher and problem solver. A paradigm pioneer. In the '70s he studied aeronautics privately and designed two aircraft. These designs were duplicated subsequently by leaders in the aircraft design field. He was asked to oversee this project by the Commander of the starship Capricorn.
  • Psychologist/Director of Personnel:
    Mila Macleod graduated with First Class Honours in Pedagogica and Psychology in 1976 from the university at Slavyansk, Ukraine. Certified to teach psychology at university or college level. Well known for solving people problems.
  • Chief Financial Officer:
    Dima Krushynyn holds a Masters Degree in Finance, on the way to being a Chartered Accountant.
  • Chief Engineer:
    name to be announced after selection process
  • Consultant Propulsion Engineer:
  • Consultant Design Engineer:
    Crew Members (2) of the starship Capricorn, who have millions of years of propulsion and design engineering technology at their fingertips. They have volunteered to lecture to our staff once facilities have been readied for this purpose and guide us in this, to earthbound engineers, unique, construction process. We might even get amino-acid computers on board, if they agree. Two telepaths are employed for translation when necessary.
  • Pilots:
    Initially existing ET pilots have been offered to us and will be used until we have traditional airline pilots re-educated in this (to them) new technologies.

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