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PREREQUISITES: The Consultant Engineers from the starship Capricorn have agreed to lecture on all aspects of design and construction. They stipulate that we must first have a construction facility created - at least the first hangar - and the principals for the management team of the facility selected and available for talks. That means that the initial staff must be under contract to us before they pass on their knowledge and have signed a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement.

This brings up the question of who should be admitted to such lectures.

Those who have committed themselves to our program (employees and directors) will be the first to be taught, but there will be others extremely interested in learning this new technology.

The lectures will be under the auspices of 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation, whose Administrative Instructions will cover the procedures for lecturing and Security of Information matters involving both teacher and student.

Affiliation with an existing university which already addresses aerospace would be useful (Stanford University is one example), but the actual training should always take place in a location independent of such university, preferably within the general confines of a major manufacturing plant (initially, the first one constructed).

The possibility that such technology might be used for negative purposes will be borne in mind and precautions taken to ensure that representatives of corporations or countries do not benefit from the information provided without the oversight and participation in such benefit by the Foundation.

In other words, should a country or corporation wish to set up shuttle operations, either through manufacturing facilities or in establishing space-ports, a majority of the directors of the operating company must be nominated by 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation or its successor.

Industrial sabotage might also take the form of building sub-standard shuttles with the intent of inducing a disaster such as the actual crash of a shuttle in order to question the viability of using shuttles for transportation purposes. There must therefore always be quality controls in effect in all manufacturing facilities and they will report directly and independently to the Foundation.

It is well-known however that many airlines knowingly fly substandard equipment as their only objective is profit. In March 2006 over 90 airlines were blacklisted by the European Union, denying them permission to land at European airports (see Notes & References: page 45 ). We must at all costs ensure that no sub-standard craft is ever permitted to be constructed or sold.

We are aware of other groups currently attempting to create such craft but, according to our ET contacts, they do not have the necessary know-how to construct reliable craft or use such propulsion methods, so such other activities that come to the notice of the public must be monitored closely and emphasis placed on the fact that we have no connection with them.

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