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Revolution in the Air - Shuttle sketch by Je Titus
Shuttle sketch by Rae Ramsey

Interpretation: a 'spaceship' is confined to a planet or solar system, whereas a 'starship' has the capability of flying between the planets or the stars. 'Shuttles' are smaller vessels housed within the 'mother ship' for expeditionary purposes. The starship 'Capricorn' for instance has at least 60 such shuttles for use around this planet, is about one mile in diameter and houses about 1,000 individuals, not all of whom are classified as 'human'. Its mission is to help in the cleanup of environmental pollution on earth.

Small space-craft of the traditional 'saucer-shape', referred to as shuttles, will be constructed for the transportation of passengers and/or cargo, designed with the help of advanced ET technology, such as has been previously provided to NASA and the U.S. government for decades, under great secrecy (see The Secret NASA Connection to ET Technology). ET engineers are eager to lecture us on these subjects whenever required, and once initial basic (construction) facilities have been made available. The passenger craft is 100 feet in diameter, the craft used specifically for cargo is 150 feet, but can also be used for passengers.

Space-ports will be designed to replace existing world airports, returning existing airport lands (or a major portion thereof) in due course to agricultural use, wetlands or residential development, greatly enhancing the environment. The project itself contributes greatly to the environmental wellbeing of Mother Earth, as well as bringing a new level of comfort and convenience to air travel.

The technology employed will be vastly superior to any previously attempted (see "Competitive Analysis"). The 'black' (military) saucer craft are technically archaic and unreliable, according to our reliable ET sources, and none of the present attempts worldwide will be developed sufficiently to become commercially viable. We are the only source sought out and offered actual help by Extra-Terrestrial engineers, and new developments in technology, hitherto unused, will be incorporated into these craft so that they are actually ahead of shuttles currently in use.

The method of construction could be so advanced that the training of technicians will open up an entirely new field, that of construction by the thought process, as is carried out by Extra-Terrestrial engineers.

"Much of the automation we have is through programming the consciousness of the materials we use - automatic doors etc." Everything has a consciousness, although our 'science' today fails to recognize that. Priority will be given initially to using shuttles for the transportation of relief supplies, vittals and personnel to needy areas throughout the world, followed by deliveries to airlines, including an independent, pioneering airline created for this purpose as a demonstration of its viability to the rest of the industry, and to the world.

Shuttles manufactured under this project will not be used for travel beyond planet Earth.

The implementation plan is to create the principal space-port in Greater Vancouver and several destination ports within the first year, so that by the beginning of the second year at the latest actual services can begin and demonstrate the viability of this concept to all. Thereafter destination ports and additional manufacturing facilities will be constructed as rapidly as possible, in order to bring this new era of transportation into being, for the greater benefit of all mankind.

There will also be tremendous demand for teaching engineers, technicians and pilots the fundamentals of this new technology, especially construction & design and flight control procedures, and the necessary spiritual background to understand these principles, as sacred architecture is involved.

Revolution in the Air project- Picture taken in 1987 shows a spacecraft flying around the NASA facility at Oakridge, Tennessee
Picture taken in 1987 shows a spacecraft flying around the NASA facility at Oakridge, Tennessee.

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Revolution in the Air project: Ancient drawing of spacecraft