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"The greatest changes will be in your use of natural free energies that abound in Space, and fossil fuels and the like will disappear as things of the past."

Extract from a very long article - highly recommended reading - by Michael E. Salla on the background to NASA ET Technology republished on the fourwinds10 website.

"A 5th March, 1947 Chilean press interview of Admiral Byrd, after the premature end of Operation High Jump, suggested that there had indeed been a military failure and there was a new threat located at the South Pole:

Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. The Admiral further stated that he didn't want to frighten anyone unduly but it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. [Quoted in an interview of Admiral Byrd by Lee van Atta, "On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas" El Mercurio, (Santiago, Chile, March 5, 1947). See "The Antarctic Enigma"] ......

The management system designed by the Allied powers to deal with ET affairs, including the legacy of the Nazi Germany-ET connection, are based circumstances that stem directly from the Second World War. The desire not to disclose the existence of significant Nazi bases in Antarctica and elsewhere was understandably based on perceptions by the leaderships of Allied states that this would lead to disclosure of the ET assistance received by Nazi Germany.

1. Non-Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Affairs
The first major policy adopted for globally managing ET affairs was that this would not be disclosed to the general public and most elected officials of the major allied states until some time in the future when the policy consequences of the ET presence and ET technology could be clearly determined. In the case of the US, President Roosevelt adopted the decision for non-disclosure and after the US confirmed the reality of the ET presence and of ET technology. This was later institutionalized by the Truman and Eisenhower administrations in a manner that would allow the non-disclosure to be continued for an indefinite period. [For analysis of US non-disclosure policy, see Michael Salla, "Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence: The Challenge to Democracy and Liberty in America," Research Study #5 Each of the Western democratic nations playing a prominent role in the global management system set up to deal with ET affairs, would form their own institutional structures responsible for coordinating ET policies and ensuring non-disclosure. [For discussion of the institutional structure of the US, see Salla, "Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence," Research Study #5. Each of the national governments would give all ET related projects and information a sufficiently high security classification to make it a federal/national crime for military and intelligence officials to come forward to reveal their participation in projects concerning the ET presence and technology. [For a detailed discussion of a global cover-up of the ET presence and technology, see Timothy Good, Above Top Secret : The Worldwide UFO Coverup (Acacia Press, 1989); and Dolan, UFOs and the National Security State.] This would be a highly effective means for restricting public debate and media investigation of ET related issues as evidenced by the continued media blackout of the ET presence. [For discussion of the media black out see Terry Hanson, The Missing Times (Xlibris Corporation, 2001)]

Confirmation from ET sources about the long suppression of such information includes these messages:

"Sadly, we have to tell you that many ideas that we have given you, have not been allowed to benefit you. For reasons of greed and profit, you have not been allowed to know of advances that would have improved your quality of life. The most beneficial would have been clean energy that is freely available all around you. These would have totally transformed your society and taken you into a new era of pollution free operation."
- SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, through Mike Quinsey, 5th December, 2005

"Our Venusian scout craft were amongst the first to be seen upon Earth in the current era of sightings. Our bell shaped craft are now well known to you, and your George Adamski was the first to be taken aboard"

- Ker-On from Venus, through Mike Quinsey, 13th December 2005.

"We are amazed at the old-fashioned rocket blast off for a trip to Pluto from your space agency when, in fact, they have used some of the information gleaned from wrecked flying saucers (as you call them) to build and have available space craft that can travel much faster than the old-fashioned rocket ships. We shall be most pleased when there is truth from your government and not the lies that are always told when they are asked about UFOs. However, you know and we know that these are official government lies that will soon be abandoned. The new administration will be admitting that there are UFOs and it will soon be apparent to all of the world that aliens exist and that they come in peace to help restore Mother Earth's atmosphere and some of the polluted waters back to a semblance of more purity."

- Extract from a message received by Lazar on 20th January, 2006 from the Council of Scientists following the NASA launch of the 3-stage Atlas rocket (plutonium powered) carrying the spacecraft "New Horizons" into a reported nine-year deep space mission to Pluto:

And still more:

"We have been quite happy that you see our craft in your skies .... Now it can be confusing as we are no longer the only craft you will see. You have those of the Greys who have been working with your government for many years now, and they themselves have in the meantime also developed their own space craft similar to ours."
- SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, 30th January 2006.

"There have been some rational attempts made and achieved for the replacement of fossil fuels by the use of tide power, wind power, and solar energy. We applaud these changes, however, it is much more important to use some of the new technology that we shall bring to earth to be able to tap into the non-polluting use of the vast energy of space. Space everywhere, on the ground, in the air, under the water, or in space away from earth. This is the source of energy that we have used for hundreds of your years. It is the use of this space energy that will be made available for use in many parts of the earth. That is our assignment and that is the goal that we shall achieve."

- Captain Helena of the Capricorn, 29th March 2006.

" .....You tend to consider ETs as having sinister designs in taking over Earth, and it is clearly not helped by the actions of the Greys and their 'abductions'. Fear is an element that has been introduced in more modern times, and science fiction writers have contributed to that by having no boundaries to their imagination. However followers of messages from ETs will find that many writers are very intuitive, and much they have written has proved to have been based upon the truth.

When you read your ancient history, it is clear that ETs have always been a part of your evolution. Even your Bible and other holy books contain references to ETs and their craft, but like many strange passages it often comes down to the ability of the reader's interpretation. Now with your own exploration of Space and understanding of the Universe, the existence of ETs is becoming more acceptable. You are beginning to understand that the Universe is teeming with life forms, and Space exploration is a natural development of all forms of intelligent life.

You sometimes talk of Space people as if they are vastly different to yourselves. The truth is that you are also Space people, and only differ from them to the degree in which you vary in intelligence. By now, you would have been much more aware and even more advanced but for the secrecy between nations about their knowledge of Space. There is of course an intention to keep you in the dark about UFOs and ET contacts, and virtually all of your developed nations hide the facts. This has proved to be quite futile, as the majority of your Earth population now believe in life in outer space.

The great changes that are soon to come, will remove the secrecy that has shrouded the truth about ETs. They will also make clear the degree to which they have been helping Earth and its population for eons of time. If you think about it, would you not be surprised if your older Brothers and Sisters did not monitor and assist your development? We are far from being strangers to you and we are truly your family, linked by evolution far beyond any historical records you may find."

- Ag-agria of Sirius, 21st July, 2006.

"As you know, we have a greatly developed technology that is far ahead of what you are doing in your world. For example, our development of the ability to have a type of gravity control so that it is easy for us to come and go among you. That is a technology that will, if you and your fellow scientists and engineers desire, be developed to take you into space instead of the burning of rocket fuels. You will soon learn how to tap into the vast energy of space, space everywhere."

- Capt Helena (a reminder) 24th July 2006

Anyone who still has difficulty in believing in extraterrestrial life should view the long video and astronaut commentaries from Russia and NASA which can be found on the Internet at:

[February 2008 NOTE: it seems that the abovevideos have been withdrawn. The following article has been added]

Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials are here

by Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992

The Canadian, 6th February, 2008

Space Shuttle Columbia during STS-80 took a crew of five astronauts into a 17 day, 15 hour and 54 minute mission around the earth, the longest flight in the history of this vehicle. During this lengthy flight a very strange event occurred that even had crewman Dr. Story Musgrave unable to explain what he observed from the shuttle windows.

A large disc shaped object appeared below the Columbia. The shuttle was approximately, 190 Nautical miles high.

The disc was first observed to miraculously appear from out of nowhere, flying through the clouds below and progressing from right to left as the astronauts stared in utter amazement. The outer rim of the craft appeared to be rotating counter-clockwise. It was very large (compared to common space junk and breakaway ice), approximately 50 to 150 feet in diameter.

Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist on the STS-80 Mission, was interviewed following the flight. As he viewed a videotape of the incident which showed lightning flashes in the atmosphere, the city lights of Denver, Colorado and other earthbound sights, he stated: "I don't know what it is. Whether it's a washer, debris, ice particles, I don't know. But it's characteristic of the thousands of things which I've seen. What is not so characteristic is it appears to come from nowhere. You would think that if it's facing the dark side or facing a side towards you which is not reflecting the sun, you would think that you would see something there. It's really impressive."

During an earlier interview, Dr. Musgrave stated he attempted to communicate with ET life-forms during each of his six missions. He actually asked them to take him with them. Now that's an astronaut with a lot of courage. Dr. Musgrave retired after this flight from NASA. Since then he has been spreading his considered opinion that alien life exists. When Musgrave speaks of this, it's no great leap for one to assume he's admitting knowledge of alien life. As the final slide of a "Grey" ET was shown during a recent astronomy presentation by Dr. Musgrave, he made this surprising comment: "These guys are real ... I guarantee it!" Dr. Musgrave does know the truth. This author guarantees it! Photo: Story Musgrave (STS-80)

Consider that carefully. These are world renowned scientists making statements almost beyond belief. Dr. von Braun and others of his stature have the courage to disclose "sensitive" information, but obviously the leaders of the USA and the world do not. If billions could find a way of coping with the overwhelming threat of atomic annihilation for half a century, it is reasonable to assume we can cope with the knowledge of these "Other Intelligences" from the stars. We can cope with the fact they are visiting earth, and have been since the beginning of history. We must. Those still asleep must open their eyes. We Are Not Alone.

About the author:

Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992. Former Director, NICAP Unit-3 at Cape Canaveral and KSC, former MUFON Assistant Florida State Director, and former Director, Kennedy Space Center MUFON Unit, KSC. LINK


Technology: Despite the suppression of vital technologies and a lack of understanding of how the universe works, many scientists and researchers have sought to correct the misinformation teachings of officialdom, especially at university level.

There have been many useful contributions over the years, not the least of which was the physics taught by Walter Russell. Although his work has been secreted away, much was republished in the Phoenix Journals, The Pleiades Connection series. In August 1991 St Germain revealed the nature of anti-gravity waves.

NASA however has continued to rely principally on rocket propulsion rather than anti-gravity, at least wherever activity is subject to public scrutiny (such as space shuttles, visible on TV). Even the use of photon energy (light) for propulsion is not publicly acknowledged, despite reports in Popular Science (the 'Aurora') and other periodicals.

Business Philosophy: In this new era, or age, the principles of business are changing radically. The past standard goal of maximizing profits is giving way to the goal of serving mankind. Those who have recognized this change are often referred to as 'Lightworkers' (those who have seen the Light and work within it). They consequently also become 'stewards of the earth.'

Priority will therefore be given to Lightworkers who wish to fund these humanitarian and environmental projects, as they are not afflicted by greed and the desire to get the highest return on 'investment'. They are investing in mankind and the renewal of Mother Earth.

While consideration will be given to all who claim interest in funding this venture, there will be some whose contribution will not be entertained. These include those who have in the past been guilty of the 'rape' of Mother Earth and of squeezing every last penny from her inhabitants.

This does mean that many who have been reaping windfalls from certain investments until now will all of a sudden find their investments worthless.

Energy Sources: Once the news gets out there will most likely be a backlash against those who have hidden and even suppressed environmentally-friendly sources of energy in favour of their own interests in the oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy industries. Runaway prices in 2005 have been blamed on many man-made disasters to cover their recognition that time is fast running out on their investments and this was a last-ditch attempt at reaping the benefit of monopolistic controls.

Many pioneers have made valiant attempts at developing alternate, renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen, solar and wind-power, and industry has been forced to recognize these developments, but even these will be superseded by FREE or "new energy" sources, and a variety of such projects are currently underway. But nowhere else has anyone suggested harvesting the energy of the universe, despite the knowledge in many circles that it is currently utilised by the U.S. military.

Anti-gravity devices and charge-cluster technology have long been the subject of research by independent researchers. Such forces, together with the possible release of amino-acid computers, will create a tremendous gap between current developments and industry plans, and this particular project.

Canada has long been at the forefront in aviation design. The attempt to create the Avrocar (Canada's Flying Saucer) by John Frost and A.V.Roe Canada (Avro) stumbled along for several years before being eventually cancelled in 1952; but this was under-powered, based on fossil fuel propulsion, with insufficient stability to get more than a few feet off the ground, and not on advanced ET technology.

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