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[rewritten July 2006 in view of changes to company law post-NESARA]

For those of you in a 'Prosperity' program, or with access to any of the other humanitarian and environmental funds, we remind you of the admonition:

"There is much that can be accomplished in this continent and in the world by the proper use of the funds that will soon be distributed widely in this area of the world. There are many of you who have invested in the so-called 'prosperity funds' and who will soon receive large amounts of funds in return. You will be able to do much good for the world with the funds that you have received. It is highly desirable that you use those funds prayerfully."

Post-NESARA, all corporations have to be restructured so that they have NO SHARES and are guided by a Board of Directors according to their 'by-laws'. There will be no more non-profit companies - including charities - as these exist only because of tax considerations and government control, both of which disappear on the return to Common Law; no subsidiaries nor Security Commissions; no stock exchanges. See Corporate Organisation.

There are FOUR stages to funding this project:

STAGE ONE: The first requirement is that a hangar be built and equipped for the construction of shuttlecraft. Once this has been accomplished, the engineering and design specialists will come to teach us how these craft will be built. This will be followed by the establishment of a teaching institution for design and construction.

However, it would make good sense to have the land already available for either an adjacent space-port or expansion of the facility to construct say 12 craft simultaneously, as the demand is expected to be tremendous.

Stage TWO commences when the operation has been extended to include construction of the first space-port. There will then be a company formed for the operation of that particular space-port, and subsequent space-ports, although eventually there may be space-ports operating as individual companies under agreement with the first company. There will be at least one 'destination' space-port operational by this point in time.

Stage THREE commences when the initial stages have been completed and flights with passengers have been satisfactorily undertaken on a repeated basis between two major countries. Contributions may then be earmarked for the company formed in the meantime to operate shuttlecraft as an 'airline'. Shuttles constructed will initially be provided to this 'airline'.

Stage FOUR will be the expansion to other countries.

Nothing written here shall be construed to prevent funds received for being used for any current requirement and funds contributed need not specify which stage or operation of the project is to be funded therewith.

This must be considered one of the most rewarding 'investments' of the 21st century. The depth of the benefits to all is probably unequalled, from elimination of environmental pollution to resolving economic problems and instilling new enthusiasm for air travel. An investment in mankind and in Mother Earth.

We invite you to respond by E-mail and state the probable extent of your contribution.

An account will be opened with the Royal Bank of Canada to receive contributions for this project. Write to us to receive instructions for the electronic transfer of funds or send a cheque marked "Revolution in the Air Project" to the address provided.

I would like my interest recorded as a potential source of funding
for the Project "REVOLUTION IN THE AIR"

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