Revolution in the Air: This light-year mosaic of several observatory images of the central region of our Milky Way galaxy reveals hundreds of white dwarf stars, neutron stars, and black holes bathed in an incandescent fog of multimillion-degree gas. A supermassive black hole at the center of the Galaxy is located inside the bright white patch in the center of the image. Dozens of massive stars, destined for a short but brilliant life, were born less than a light-year away from the Milky Way's central black hole, one of the most hostile environments in our galaxy, astronomers reported on Thursday. REUTERS/NASA An INTRODUCTION

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This project was suggested by the Commander of the starship Capricorn and the request directed to a selected earthbound Administrator, who has prepared this Business Plan and will remain as liaison with ET engineers as well as being Administrator of all aspects of this project.

Business reports on aviation throughout the world, together with Notes, have been added as reference material at the end of this Business Plan so that the detail of these proposals can be examined in the light of current industry activities and knowledge, and can be compared to the current planned future for aviation worldwide.

Its implementation will have far-reaching effects. Beneficial to the environment by eliminating air pollution from air traffic; greatly reducing the need for land at airports (space-ports) ; providing a solution to the continuing financial woes of the aviation industry; but requiring at the same time a complete reassessment of future plans by manufacturers, airlines, airport management, as well as an overhaul of current aviation laws and procedures.

It will also engender heightened enthusiasm for air travel by the general public, who tend to be less than enchanted with travel by air options at the moment. This in turn will substantially increase the profitability of the travel industry as well as the aviation industry.

It must be borne in mind that we are entering a new, post-NESARA business environment, which will be radically different from the traditional scene. It will not exactly happen overnight, but the mindset will quickly infiltrate business practice. There will be no 'built-in obsolescence' as has been practised most visibly in the automotive industry. There will be no high maintenance requirement. Post-construction maintenance infers that the construction was faulty in the first place. Yet we have accepted it as inevitable. There is little in the way of permanence in today's structures on the planet. Tomorrow will be different, and staff will have to adjust to that.

Quality of construction becomes of paramount importance. Future maintenance will be minimal.

At the moment there is a shortage of skilled workers in Canada: available young blood is insufficient to replace the aging workforce, especially technicians and mechanics, but the problem is finally receiving government attention - a federal initiative in the form of a 20 year plan that has not yet been fully explained, but something is needed to keep Canada's aerospace industry on the world stage. This project should inject the necessary energy and funding to direct it to unexpected prominence and profitability rather thsn bankruptcy.

The ultimate vastness of the project can be appreciated by careful study of the various documents assembled into this Business Plan, yet plans have been kept to fairly modest proportions and will be allowed to expand at a speed dictated by market forces from year to year.

'Shuttles' referred to in this project are not to be confused with NASA 'shuttles', which are still based on out-dated technology and operate on fossil-fuel propulsion systems, as they are a development of what has long been termed incorrectly 'UFOs' despite the fact that they were never 'unidentified' - no more so than a high-flying jet cannot be 'identified' by a ground observer. We also refer to them as 'shuttlecraft' in the hope that the general public will find this term easier to adopt.

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