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[rewritten July 2006 in view of the forthcoming changes to companies under Common Law]

Far-reaching changes will be introduced to the business world when we return to Common Law upon the implementation of NESARA.

ALL corporations must be restructured, and must operate without SHARES.

There will be NO non-profit organisations (including charities) as these exist solely on account of tax and government control issues, which will no longer exist.

There will therefore be NO subsidiary companies, nor affiliated companies, not even Security Commissions; and Stock Exchanges will close down, as there will be no more stocks and shares.

The project will be managed initially by 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation, (hereinafter referred to as "The Foundation") federally incorporated in 1989 as a Canadian non-profit corporation until the new company is formed under post-NESARA regulations.

The new company will oversee and operate the shuttlecraft construction facilities, education and training, space-port and destination port and any other operation not covered by other new companies.

The shuttles will operate through a new 'airline' until the conception is well established and accepted, and probably even for some time thereafter.

Care will be taken to ensure that acquisition of the technology by 'front' companies, whose intent could be to 'shelve' the technologies involved and prevent the products from coming to market cannot take place. Nor that substandard alternatives be produced by others to deliberately damage the reputation of shuttle transportation, persuading others to return to commercial jet aircraft production.

Each spaceport may eventually be operated by its own individial company.

Funds received will be entered into a Royal Bank of Canada account under the name "Revolution in the Air Project" and may be used for any aspect of these initial operations, at the discretion of the directors, unless specified otherwise by the contributor.

Note: Names of companies proposed to carry out the different aspects of this project have been withheld for security reasons. Once protected by registration, the names will be shown in this document.


Above average remuneration and benefits should attract and help keep high quality technical and administrative staff, ensuring a minimum of staff turnover.

Above all a comfortable environment and excellent working conditions is essential to keep staff.

An attractive uniform will be provided for cabin crews and airport staff, setting them apart.

Benefits have been calculated at 10% of staff costs. It is planned to offer medical and dental plans to give added security to the families of employees, and a starting 4-week annual vacation plan.

An in-house catering service is also planned for manufacturing facilities, separate from terminal building facilities, where there will also be catering facilities, with discounts for staff members.

Unlimited free travel worldwide will also be provided, subject to available space on shuttlecraft at the time of booking.

Overnight stays (layovers) will not be frequent initially, but as service expands an opportunity to stay free of charge in cities en route will be offered, as is the case with traditional airlines today.

Certain services might be contracted out: rescue services (fire etc), security services, long-term car parking, catering. Provisional staffing requirements are shown in Appendix A.

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