Revolution in the Air: Popular Science on UFOs BUSINESS PLAN
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Revolution in the Air: the Concorde in its heyday

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Executive Summary
Part 1:
Vision, Mission, Management
Part 2:
Legal, Finance, Competition, Location, Viability, Short- & Long-term Goals
Business Plan
Introduction Finance
New Sources of Pollution-free Energy: - including the DODECA
Secret NASA Connection to ET Technology JFK was to speak about Extraterrestrials
The Aviation Community Identifying the Risks
Products Distribution
Profitability Space-Port Construction
Competitive Analysis: Product Comparison Effect upon the Travel Industry
Corporate Organisation and Staffing Technology Transfer - Training
Implementation Plan Notes, Quotes & Industry Reports
Appendix A - Financial Projections PRIVATE
Cover pageCashflow:
Five Year Cash Flow Summary Year 1: Construction Stage
Data Sheet 1: Capital Costs Year 2: Expansion Phase I
Data Sheet 2: Operational Costs Year 3: Expansion Phase II
Data Sheet 3: Space Port Payroll Year 4: International Expansion Phase III
Data Sheet 4: Subsidiary Ports Year 5: Worldwide Coverage
Summary of Income and Expenditures Notes on Calculations
Cash Flow OverviewFeasibility of Shuttle Operations
Financial Projections, Space-Port A .......... Appendix A-A PRIVATE
Financial Projections, Space-Port B .......... Appendix A-B PRIVATE
Financial Projections, Space-Port C .......... Appendix A-C PRIVATE
Appendix B - Space Port Design PRIVATE
Cover PagePort A: Outline Plan: with manufacturing facilities
Shuttle Seating PlanPort B: Outline Plan: minimal facilities
Port C: Outline Plan: full facilities, no manufacturing
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